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Garage Doors by Cordula

Garage DoorsTake the unrivalled resources that make Cordula the number one name in domestic roller shutters. Add a touch of advanced electronic wizardry. The result is the ultimate in luxury - a fully automatic, remote control door system that allows you to open and close your garage without even leaving your car.

The Cordula High Security Remote Control Garage Door represents a breakthrough in garage door design and manufacture. Designed after extensive research revealed what users of automated garage doors told us would create their ideal door:

We made sure all these were included when we designed the Cordula High Security Remote Control Garage Door, these are just some of the features:

  • Garage door shuttersTailor-made to your specifications
  • Automatic operation - can be operated from the comfort and safety of your car
  • Smooth and quick operation with no visible springs and levers
  • Fitted by our nationwide team of specialists
  • A lifetime of trouble free service
  • High level security features - automatic locking system
  • Design ensures no gaps for excellent weatherproofing, warmth and to discourage intruders
  • External security features - no handles or protrusions on door to aid unwanted entry
  • Can be manually operated in the event of a power failure
  • Available in a wide choice of colours and combinations

garage doorThe hand held remote control unit puts power right in your hand. Simply press the button and your garage door opens or closes automatically while you stay safe and warm inside your car. What could be easier or more convenient! The pocket size remote control transmitter has it's own DTI approved wavelength and has long range effectiveness. There's an additional internal switch so you can operate the door independently of the handset. And finally there's a manual over-ride in case of power cuts.

Space Saving Garage doors

garage securityCordula remote control garage door open and close vertically, therefore do not use up valuable garage storage space like conventional 'up and over garage doors' In fact when fully retracted into the roof area they take up an amazingly small 12" x 12" space. What's more, those old fashioned 'up and over' doors can come off their track which could damage your car or even worse cause injury to yourself. They often have dangerous parts - springs, wire, pulleys and cables and especially the 'scissor action arms’, which can all to easily trap unwary fingers.

All these potentially hazardous feature have been eliminated in the Cordula Rollaway Garage Door design. The only accessible moving part is the roller shutter door itself - which can only move slowly up or down.

Reliable too! A crucial consideration when you remember that the garage door is probably opened and closed at least several times a day - every day of the year.

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Keep out the Bad Weather

Our roller shutter style of construction has been used in Europe for more than 30 years and has proved it can stand up to the severest weather conditions.

Along the bottom of every garage door there is a highly efficient weather seal and double seals on the side rails.

It all goes to make the Cordula Rollaway Garage Door one of the most weatherproof doors on the British market today. Best of all, whatever the weather, rain, hail, sleet or snow, you can always get in or out of your garage without exposing yourself to the elements. You don't even have to worry about snowdrifts because the door simply rolls straight up.

Tough yet Good Looking

Each Cordula Rollaway door is made from tough stove enameled aluminum slats, double skinned and foam filled for excellent insulation. They'll never need painting, come in a range of attractive colours and are virtually maintenance-free.

The Secure Garage Door

Cordula garage doors are held rigidly in place on each side by a deep channel section along its full height. When closed it sits firmly on the ground and locks automatically. There are no gaps or weak access points to allow intruders the opportunity to break in. Even the design of the slats themselves act as a security device - each one cleverly curved to stop potential intruders getting a grip hold on the door for forced entry.

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